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Lost in the Snow

Lost in the Snow by C. Kennie 2010

Lost, lost, walking here in the snow

I’m alone, unsure where to go.

The feelings that now drive me, and make me afraid.

Are the same ones that tell me I couldn’t have stayed.

Out here in the blizzard, no road in sight, The wind is so cold and it’s almost night.

I’m battered and bruised from things in the past Not sure then how long I really could last.

Is that faint light a place I surely can see My feelings hope that it really could be.

I stand alone and look up at the sky

Feelings so intense that they make me cry.

I’ve never known freedom, or been so alone I know now that this path will lead me to home.

The way was a rough one but now I am free, I hope in my footsteps you too soon will be.

~Dedicated to all those who wander the lonely road to a violence free life.