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In 2010, a previous committee, known as the Kingston Anti-Violence Survivors Advisory Council (KASAC), developed the “Unsilenced” project. It was intended to give victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence an opportunity to help break the silence on the issues. Participants decided how best to voice their concerns and personal stories. Some gave video recorded interviews; some submitted written responses; others, artwork. Contributions were as varied as the experiences of those making them. KAVAC is proud to share some of them here.

“They are breaking the silence surrounding partner abuse and sexual violence to make our community a safer place.”

Exposed Roots of Sexual Assault (Written piece)
A frank and startling account of how sexual abuse can affect an entire family, throughout generations and regardless of gender.

Lost in the Snow (Image)
A watercolour and poem dedicated to all those who wander the lonely road to a violence free life.

Growing up. Conditioning (Written piece)
A survivor’s account of her father’s abuse paving the way towards her future abusive relationships.

Missed Opportunity (Video)
Kelly shares her experiences as a victim of domestic violence with hospital staff, and her thoughts on how changes can be made to help others in similar circumstances escape.

Jeannie’s Story (Video)
Jeannie recounts her journey out of a long term abusive marriage in a time when services for victims of domestic violence were scarce, and public opinion was not in their favour.

Change (Audio)
“Change” shares her story about surviving domestic violence, dealing with child protective services, navigating through the court systems, and her many related struggles.