To all victims of any kind of abusive relationships, don’t be afraid to speak up and seek help before it is too late. To those who have friends or family members who have been in abusive relationships, before you do anything, try to understand the pain that the victims go through and the effects it has on them. It is easy to blame the victims for being with the abuser. The hardest part is not necessarily the violence, but the emotional distress such as self-blame and moral dilemma. This dance video follows the emotional journey of an abuse surviver. While she is being abused, she feels not only the physical pain, but frustration for being so helpless. She finally stands up for herself with her friends’ help and confronts the abuser. But when she becomes alone, the pain and loneliness come back and sweep over her. Then the abuser comes back, apologizing for what he has done and begging her for one more chance. He talks so sincerely that her determination starts to waver. She wonders what the right thing to do is. The abuse itself has ended, but it continues to affect her life. Hope this video helps raise the awareness of domestic abuse and encourages the victims to speak up.

Special thanks to: Alexa Zigon, Alexis Raphael, Blake Crawford, Gloria Digby, Jared Brown, Jessica Rosales, Mitchell Bruce, Olivia Ouzounis, and Sabrina Merks